Services Offered

Web Design
  • Any level of site design, redesign, or tinkering. I primarily write my pages by hand (well, on the computer, but you understand...) utilizing CSS with effort paid to making pages degrade gracefully on older browsers and mobile devices. I am fluent in using a number of PHP and other framework packages to make your website dynamically updateable and/or interactive. I also have a working understanding of PHP and Javascript and if you're needs are esoteric, I can normally hack something together for you that will give you what you need.

  • If required or requested, I can help you find hosting, purchase a domain name, etc.: any or all of the things needed to get the final product onto the web.

  • Create the site that you desire, whether you have an exact idea of what you want with graphics, etc. in hand, or you only have ideas and want consulting, graphic design work, and all the other similar services.

  • Improving existing websites towards a goal (or not, if you prefer...), whether it is higher compatibility, better functionality, better design, etc.

  • Consulting to give you a site that fits your needs and budget. (Wow, does that sound corporate!)

  • In regards to projects and individuals, if you desire and are willing to deal with me, I'm more than willing to instruct you in the basics so you can perform updates , maintenance, etc. on your own, so your site can become even more your own

Other Design
  • As there is a rather large skill overlap, I'm available for other graphic design services such as logos, letterheads, business cards, basic branding, etc. Such work can just as easily be part of a web site effort or projects in and of themselves.

  • Video work. I have the tools and ability to do video production work, including editing, titles, and many other services. As this work requires a large level of cooperation between participants and providers, I highly suggest contacting me if this service sounds of interest to you. (Addendum: video work, although it very much can be aimed towards the web, can be aimed towards almost any final presentation)

  • Many other services that I probably haven't even thought of yet. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades (and certainly not a master of none), so if it sounds like I'd be able to help you in some regard and you'd like to work with me, drop me a line! The worst that can happen is that I can say no, and perhaps point you in the right direction.