Rates and other Money Matters

I almost hate to say this as I understand it may be frustrating, but my rates are on a sliding scale and as such highly variable. On the one hand, I consciously won't undersell my services, but on the other I quite understand the means of many of the people and projects that are potential clients. In general, the rates are tied to the complexity and/or difficulty of what is being asked. If it fits your needs, I am more than willing to take on almost all scales of projects down to the very small, including scaling your ideas to something you can afford.

One of the first things I like to get out of the way with potential clients is not only what they are looking for, but what they are looking to pay. From there, we can agree on an estimate and, if conditions change, work within reason to meet both our needs. In other words, what I'm trying to say is that it never hurts to contact me in regards to cost. I consider my rates to be below what other designers will charge for most projects, and although I can't guarantee you that I'm cheaper than every designer out there, I can offer you personal service not only in regards to your designs but in regards to giving you as close to what you are looking for as is possible within your budget.

Finally, I am very open to charity or pro bono work if schedule permits, but I will state that I can be picky about my charities if I am to work as a volunteer. If your charity is able or willing to pay, all of the above, including sliding scales, applies. If you have any interest or want to gauge my interest, please contact me.