Hello, you.

Before I start, let me warn you that this page is written in my not-quite-trademarked neurotic, solipistic, associational, and striving-for-but-just-missing-hilarious style. But don't let that scare you.

My name is Blair Lorenzo, an I consider myself something of a thinker, philosopher, writer, artist, designer, coffee drinker... well, you get the picture. But, more than likely, that is not the reason you've come here. And if it is, you're probably better off (barely) at my personal site.

No, amongst other things, I am a web designer and (would it be pretentious to call myself?) engineer, as well as low-key graphic artist. I offer many services; everything from touching up existing sites to creating and launching entire sites from scratch. I'm a one person operation located in the New York City area, and I strive to work closely with my clients to help them get what they're looking for. In addition, I'm very opening to sharing my other design abilities vis--vis logo design, graphics, business peripherals (such as letterheads and business cards), and even the occasional video production, either in concert with a web site or as services on their own.

If I could be described as having a specialty, it would be helping other artists, thinkers, etc. who either do not have the time or the skills to do their own web (or other) design work for their own sites or projects they are working on. As such, I consider my rates for such to be fair. But I'm hardly exclusive in regards to my clients, and and am quite capable of and open to taking on many types of projects, from the commercial to the inane.

So, there you have it. Feel free to peruse this site, to see examples of my work, my rates and/or services, and above all (and in a silly and hackneyed attempt to link to every page of this site in the intro), don't be afraid to drop me a line. I don't bite; at least not usually, especially on the first da...er, deal. If any of this sounds remotely appealing or useful to you, I really hope I can be of service. And even if it doesn't, thank you for stopping by.